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Obviously the first thing that comes to mind is Seattle, right? Okay, maybe not for 99.9% of the population but there has to be that 0.1% on the same wave length as me out there, somewhere, over the rainbow? 

.. or maybe not. 

Anyway, to rewind a bit, I've made my way around Seattle twice before: the first time as a whiny child with little interest in Space Needles or gum walls and the second time as a quick stop on the way back down to Olympia. This time, stomach ready and camera in hand, I was determined to immerse myself in all of the city’s coffee-stained, rain-filled and seafood-loving glory. 



Coffee and grey skies go hand in hand. Although Seattle is the birthplace of the internationally known white cup + green mermaid logo, the city has its fair share of local coffee - and by fair share I mean a coffee shop in almost every neighborhood. So ditch that Starbucks cup and sip a well-crafted concoction in this coffee-centric city while people-watching in a beautiful open space. After coffee, make your way through Seattle’s magical food scene home to chefs and cooks immersed in their craft. Handmade soba and pasta. Local, organic burgers. Oyster shooters. You name it, you’ll find it.


Elm Coffee Roasters
240 2nd Ave South

Ada’s Technical Books and Cafe
425 15th Ave E
Capitol Hill

Milstead & Co
900 N 34th St


Il Corvo Pasta (Italian)
217 James St

8 oz Burger & Co (American)
1401 Broadway
Capitol Hill

Miyabi 45th (Japanese)
2208 N 45th St


Pike Place Market deserves a category all on its own. The market’s hustle and bustle frenzy is part of the attraction and with choices from smoked salmon chowder, English crumpets, piping hot donuts, handmade Russian pastries and churned Greek yogurt, there’s no wrong choice. Of course you’ll have to keep an eye out for flying fish, but hey, at least it’s fresh!

Mee Sum Pasty
bbq pork bao

Beecher's Handmade Cheese
fresh cheese curds

Pike Place Chowder
smoked salmon chowder

Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt
marionberry pie yogurt


Did you know that on average, Seattle gets 155 days of rain a year? That may not sound like much to other folks, but as someone from California who can most likely count the number of rainy days we get a year with my fingers, that number is quite spectacular. Yes, the rain can cause a bit an obstacle when attempting to venture out as a tourist, but as for me, a city under soft showers is an experience all in itself - the smell of wet concrete, puddles dotting across the uneven streets, the droplets glistening and gliding down steel and glass buildings. Rain or shine, make your way to these places below!

Seattle Central Public Library
1000 4th Ave

Chihuly Garden & Glass
305 Harrison St
Lower Queen Anne

Suzzallo Library
1 Spokane Ln
University District

Volunteer Park Conservatory
1400 E Galer St
Capitol Hill


If you find yourself with extra time or you're in need of some extra walking to work off that burst of energy brought by excessive caffeine consumption (which is completely and totally acceptable), you’re in luck! Walk around downtown and you'll come across a handful of thoughtfully curated stores filled with books, small trinkets and unique clothing collections. 

E Smith Mercantile
208 1st Ave S

1523 10th Ave
Capitol Hill

Elliot Bay Book Company
1521 10th Ave
Capitol Hill

Of course, as someone who ventured Seattle for a mere four days, I’m no expert in the city’s go-to joints or hole-in-the-wall places. This city guide is exactly that - a guide for use to help build your own itinerary. If you happen to enjoy any of the places I listed above, let me know! I’d love to hear your experiences. If you on the other hand have places that I should add to my list should I have a future visit, I’m all ears!

Until my next escapade,

Images shot with Canon Elan II / Kodak Ektar 100
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