Common Kinetics in Hanoi


Language Vietnamese
Currency  Dong (VND)
Airport  Noi Bai International Airport (HAN)
Time difference from LAX  +14 hours
*visa required

As I walk down Hanoi’s train street, the rocks crunching beneath my feet and the cool rain tapping the nape of my neck, I can’t help but draw my gaze to the scattered plastic chairs, the mildew on the walls and drying racks lined with clothes.

I don’t know why I have an affinity for the mundane. I think it’s the thought of capturing a slice of life at its most relaxed state or enjoying the glimpses of time before motion gains traction. Or maybe it’s just my tiny rebellion against modern society’s busy fast-paced addiction.

The energy that has decelerated and dissipated into an inert state leads to a moment of stillness even for just a fraction of time.

A quiet café. 
A hushed bystander. 

Fallen damp leaves on empty tracks.

That to me, is where magic runs boundlessly because then it is up to us to bring potential back to the inert. For if we can bring our energy into the most mundane of things, we spring the gears of life back into motion.