Colorado + City Guide

Why Denver? To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure at first either. The only thing I did know was that I wanted to see a new city so I gathered the warmest clothes from the depths of my closet and booked a flight to the mile-high city.

I was greeted at Denver International Airport with a raging flurry of snow and howling winds. Coming from Southern California, snow was a rarity and these icy white particles was a sight I hadn’t seen in years. The woman sitting next to me onboard chuckled in my direction, probably due to the fact she could tell I wasn’t from around here because I was grinning at the window as if the snow was some sort of magical fairy dust. Also, I quickly realized wearing a beanie couldn’t cover the fact I was sporting a pair of chucks and a jean jacket in thirty degree weather. I know, I know. I’ve been spoiled by California weather.

I’m glad to say that the freezing welcome definitely did not stop me from making the most of my time in Denver. I was constantly surrounded by snow-capped blue mountains and red rocks of endless shapes and sizes. Having lived by the coast for the majority of my life, I’ve always considered the ocean as this sort of magnificent beast. The roaring waves incessantly pounding against the shore and rising tides always made me feel incredibly insignificant and I thought nothing could surpass the majesty of this vast body of water. Colorado proved me otherwise.

I planted my feet on the jagged terrain and trekked along the mountain sides, admiring the massive formations that had been carved from the endless showers of snow, hail and rain. The air was crisp and my skin, used to the sun’s heat, embraced the cool sting of the mountain breeze. My lungs struggled to inhale the thin air, but with each rise and fall of my chest, I couldn’t help but marvel at the simplicity of momentary solitude. 

Here I was, just a speck amidst the endless gradient of evergreens and rocky skyscrapers. Again, I was insignificant.

The thought of our tiny footprint in this world can be daunting, but in a way, also liberating. We’re not meant to be confined in the comfort of just living. The vast openness of the world leaves so much for us to see, to explore and to discover. We have to remind ourselves that sometimes, living is coming alive in these small moments.

City Guide


Airport  Denver International
Time difference from Los Angeles  +2 hours  


The inside of the airport itself is aesthetically pleasing but wait until you see the architecture. Ignore the somewhat creepy red-eye bronco statue and instead take a moment to look at the peaked roof of the airport. The jagged peaks are  representative of the Rocky Mountains as well as the history of the Native American teepees.

Colorado surprised me with tons of local specialty coffee roasters and craft beer. Start the day at a coffee shop and start the night at a local brewery.. or the other way around if you're feeling a little rebellious. When in Denver, why not? Oh, did I mention that brunch is pretty serious here too? Brunch is life. 


Huckleberry Coffee
2500 larimer st

Corvus Coffee
1740 s broadway

Boxcar Coffee
1825 pearl st


Great Divide Brewing Co
2201 arapahoe st

Avery Brewing
4910 nautilus ct

New Belgium Brewing Co
500 linden st
fort collins


Denver Biscuit Co
3237 e colfax ave

Root Down
1600 W 33rd ave

The Market
1154 larimer st

Weather changes pretty abruptly in Colorado and I think that's part of the fun. I remember waking up to snow, seeing the sun peak out during an afternoon hike, then getting bombarded by rain and hail at the end of the day. Sure the air is thinner but enjoy the freshness! If altitude sickness starts to creep up, just grab a beer and chug (but I guess coconut water works best). But in all seriousness, spend some time outdoors and try and check out any of these places below!

Red Rocks Park
red sandstone formations
car drive + hiking


Chautauqua Park
home of the flat irons
walking + hiking


Garden of the Gods
red rocks of every size & shape
walking + hiking

Colorado Springs