i eat, i write, i take photos. sometimes all at once.

hi, i'm Jess!

I currently reside in beautiful Southern California and consider myself lucky to be surrounded by such a creative community. I’m a full-time neuro enthusiast and a part-time obsessive button clicker always on the lookout for a chance to explore and photograph. 

When I don’t have my camera in hand, you can find me obsessing over the latest food crazes, bedtime novels and flight deals. 

This blog started as an outlet, serving as a creative escape where I'm able to document the places I experience and the people I encounter - mainly through short films, thought blurbs, snapshots and random projects. I like to record scraps of the everyday and here is where those pieces slowly come together. 

Creative Projects

Tiny People - Online Publication

Work featured on:

Whetstone Magazine Volume 3

Peddler Journal 
Issue 3: Rice
Issue 2: Childhood

Food Book Fair LA
Stone + Cloth

If you'd like to collaborate or just want to say hello & chat over a cup of coffee, kindly contact me using the boxes on your right. 

Thanks for dropping by!